Improving Success Starting Seed

February brings thoughts of spring as the time to sow seed for the 2018 gardening season approaches.

This month, I’ve spoken at the Wisconsin Garden Expo and at two regional Master Gardener groups on improving success with seed starting. The latest version of the handouts of this talk are available here.

This information is geared toward home gardeners and includes tips to improve germination and seedling quality regardless of experience level.


Handouts on Improving Success With Seed Starting

Great Lakes EXPO

My talk on Seed Plug Production was well attended, though as usual, there was plenty of space in the first couple rows.  Thanks to everyone who attended, I hope you found the talk worthwhile.  I’ll be walking the trade show again tomorrow, and hitting some educational sessions, before heading home.

After the talk, one of the attendees asked about Dr. Norm C. Deno’s Seed Germination: Theory and Practice, which I recommended.  It’s out of print, and I personally bought it and both supplements from Dr. Deno while it was available.  These excellent references are now available for download at the USDA National Agricultural library.  The original book is available here (12 meg .pdf), supplement 1 is available here (5 meg .pdf), and supplement 2 here (5 meg .pdf).  Dr. Deno published these works after retiring as a Chemistry professor, and his hobbyist research added significantly toward understanding seed dormancy.

New info and articles

Handouts for my upcoming talk at the Great Lakes EXPO are now up in the Juicy Info seed propagation page.  This is the first time I’ve had handouts uploaded before a talk.  I expect eager attendees to come prepared with extra questions.

Handouts from my talks at the 2012 Perennial Conference are available in the Juicy info vegetative propagation page and the perennial varieties page.

Greenhouse Management has my last article online.  They have always done a good job at formatting my tables, which is not an easy task.  I was on the magazine’s panel of advisers from 2004 until this year.