Here are some of my personal favorite suppliers, with an emphasis on wholesale providers.

Seed Suppliers

  • Benary Seed – a German breeder and seed producer with a strong perennial breeding effort as well as a number of good annual varieties.
  • Geo Seed – my “go to” supplier when I need to track something down.  Wonderful folks.
  • Jelitto Seed – a German perennial seed specialist, primarily serving the wholesale trade.  Offers a huge assortment of perennial and herb species, including Gold Nugget seed with improved germination for many difficult species
  • JL Hudson, Seedsman – an absolutely wonderful “public access seed bank” carrying a number of unusual species of plants.  Their catalog is a fascinating read
  • Kieft Seeds – Dutch perennial specialist now under the ownership of Ball Horticultural.  Has a top-notch seed lab and offers “tuned” seed of some difficult to germinate perennials.
  • Prairie Moon – an Ohio nursery specializing in North American native species.
  • Prairie Nursery – a Wisconsin nursery specializing in North American native species.
  • Richters – A Canadian supplier specializing in herbs.  Offers an extensive list of both seeds and plants to homeowners and the wholesale trade.  Offers a number of exclusive herbs to the North Amerian market.

Plant Suppliers

Tool Suppliers

  • A.M. Leonard – offers a huge selection of hand and power tools, supplies, and safety equipment.  The Leonard branded tools are generally good quality and economical.