Vegetative Propagation

Detailed information on vegetative perennial topics from past talks and articles.

Perennial Propagation from Cuttings and TC (194k .pdf) Handouts from my talk on perennial propagation from cuttings and stage III tissue culture from the 2012 Perennial Conference.

Evaluating Unrooted Cutting Suppliers (60k .pdf) An article discussing some of the key considerations for evaluating vegetative cutting suppliers. A version of this article appeared in the December 2002 issueof GMPro, which featured yours truly on the cover in a glorious neckbeard.

This cover resulted in my being serenaded by the entire Raker IS department (aka the Computer Geeks) in a lovely rendition of a Dr. Hook song, as well as several excellent photoshops by my gaming friends.

For the record, I did give five copies to my mother.

And here’s my favorite of the photoshop jobs.On the cover of the GM Pres!